Let’s begin with a couple of questions…

What am I here for?

Obviously, as most of us- “BLOGGING”.

But what is my blog all about?

Well, my blog is going to be mostly about fashion beauty & all the girly necessities.

Fashion & Beauty Blogging, nothing new yeah?

My blog topic is neither unique nor am I a professional, but I promise myself to make one in the near future.

Oh!I forgot to tell you’ll who
I am so let’s end it up with a quick

My name is Tanu and I am from Jamshedpur. I turned 19 a couple of months ago. I am medical aspirant and I’m done with my medical entrances, waiting for the results to come out.

Yes I know another question arises- If I want to be a doctor then why a fashion blog? Right?

Actually, I am a fashion enthusiast and anything related to this drives me crazy so here I am with my blog to express my views regarding fashion, styling tips and discuss most of the fuss that we girls face.

Because I am an amateur, I won’t say I am perfect when it comes to fashion and makeup and this whole thing but yes, these are my personal views and my personal preferences.

Coming down to my blog- “The Pink Ruffles” as the name suggests, Yess!! I am another of those “pinky babes”. Pink is a colour which brings a sudden excitement and smile on my face. I mean I’m not obsessed but this is just my happy colour. So, my dear “pinky babes” a lot of pinks are on the way.

Hope you guys will enjoy my work.

Take care.

Lots  of  Love.


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